§ Description:

Chinese Journal of Psychology publishes the original Chinese and English psychology papers with focus on empirical research. Papers that review domestic and foreign research, comment on contemporary psychological issues, and case studies on inspiring basic mental functions are also under consideration. Literature review must integrate empirical research and have theoretical contributions.


§ Purpose:

In order to integrate psychology-related researches and to increase the influence of journal, Chinese Journal of Psychology hopes to facilitate international academic exchanges through the publication of special issue.


§ Process:
The guest editors of special issue should send a proposal to editorial office. We will reply within a week.


§ Proposal content:
1. Topic: defined the intended focus and suggest a suitable title.
2. A proposed list of invitation for submitting: at least 5, up to 8

3. A proposed schedule: at least 6-9 months for review, and about

    2-3 months for typesetting.

§ Review:
Special issue also adopts general submission and review process, so some papers may be rejected. In addition, we hoped that the guest editors can assist to review and revise in order to maintain the quality of publication.

Special issue

Guidelines for Special Issue

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